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Email Sync

What is causing my email to become unsynced?

What happens to scheduled emails when I turn off an Email Campaign?

Can I check whether a company or person opened a trackable email on the company or people page?

How can I spellcheck while writing emails?

We have person profiles for internal testing, but I don't want internal communication synced to PipelineDeals. How do I prevent that?

Can I access the Email tab without syncing?

How do I schedule an email to send later?

What are the preferred Administrator Settings for Office 365 for the Email sync?

What is the green or red arrow and number within the Analytics tab of Email?

Are bounces automatically recorded?

Did my email send?

Is it possible to turn off the email notifications for when a trackable email gets opened?

Why would I send a campaign instead of an email to multiple people?

How can I find my trackable email history?

Which types of emails are tracked?

What are the drawbacks of sending through my email provider?

Why are emails sent to multiple recipients not tracked?

If you send a mass email using the Email sync, will all recipients be listed in the To: field, or only each individual?

Why don't I see the Send Campaign button?

How do I prevent personal emails from going into my Pipeline account?

Where can I send a campaign?

How do I disable the email sync?

Can I use merge tags in an email?

How many emails can I send through Pipeline?

Can I send an email without syncing my email inbox?

How do I create an email signature?

How does open tracking work?

What happens when someone unsubscribes from my campaign?

In templates, where it says {{first name}}, is the name automatically added?

What is the difference between an email and a campaign email?

What are merge tags?

Why does an email show a click and not an open?

How do I customize and add images to my signature?