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Financial Services

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

Activity Categories

Activity categories are important to keep data organized in the account. Activity categories are used to help sort and filter information that is created at the record level. Activity categories are helpful in the Activity Report and Activity Scoreboard to be able to see how often that activity type is created. For more information click here

  • Invoice
  • Mutual Funds
  • Insurance
  • Loan Inquiry

Custom Field Groups

Custom field groups allow you to organize your information in a way that makes sense to you. You are able to group custom fields in order to easily find the information that you are looking for on the record profile. For more information on custom field groups, check out this article.

  • Feedback Request
  • 401k / IRA Info
  • Application
  • Industry

Custom Fields

Personalize your Pipeline account with custom fields specific to your business. A company, deal, and person-level custom fields allow you to track data specific to your industry, company, process, or personal workflow. 

Custom Field name Record Type Custom Field Type Entries
Loan Purpose Deal Custom Field  dropdown ----- Purchase- Refinance
Interest Rate Deal Custom Field  text
Account Type Deal Custom Field  dropdown ---- 403(b)- IRA


- ROTH 403(b)

- Non-Qualified

Advance Status Deal Custom Field  dropdown ----- Active- Defaulted

- Not Performing

- Paid

Amount Owed In Rent/Mortgage Company Custom Field  currency
Application Date Deal Custom Field  date
Commission Deal Custom Field  currency
Loan Amount Deal Custom Field  currency
Pay Cycle Person Custom Field  dropdown -Monthly- Quarterly- Annual
Preferred method of contact Person Custom Field  dropdown ----- Office phone- Mobile phone

- Email

- Text

- Other

Person Statuses

Person statuses are designed to help you quickly evaluate your relationship with that contact. You are able to create as many statuses as you would like to help you keep track of your contacts. For more information on Person Statuses, look at our article here.

  • Application Pending
  • Approved
  • Attended Webinar
  • Withdrawn

Person Tags

Tags are labels that allow you to associate your people based on attributes or keywords. You can use tags to indicate industry, conferences attended, even hobbies or interests - There is no limit to how many tags you can apply to a person.

Admins can add, remove, and edit Person Tags in Account Settings or add new tags from within the listview. 

  • Owner
  • Agent
  • Broker
  • Investor
  • Realtor


Tracking the Source for your leads and deals helps you understand which marketing initiatives drive your business. This article has a quick video to further explain sources. Below are some of the most common sources we see, broken up by popular industries.

  • Acquisition
  • Affiliate
  • Banker
  • Competitor
  • Conference
  • CPA

Pipelines/ Stages

Track and follow your customer’s lifecycle through your company’s unique sales and post-sales process using multiple pipelines! Multiple pipelines are designed for accounts with multiple products and services that go through different sales processes with multiple phases. Learn more about multiple Pipelines here.


  • Sales Pipeline (Default)
  • Investors 
  • Collections
  • Retirement Funds


  • Application Sent
  • Application Received
  • Application Withdrawn
  • Pre-approval
  • Request for Info
  • Verbal commit

Task and Event Categories

Task/Event types help to specify what category of reminder is being set. You can filter tasks and events by type to focus on what needs to be done. For more information, click here. Below are examples of tasks and events for the Financial Services industry.

  • Commercial Outreach
  • Sales Meeting
  • Portfolio Review


Automation streamlines your workflow by working in the background and eliminating the mundane and manual tasks so you can focus on your sales. Up to 20 automations are available with a Grow subscription, 2 on our Develop plan, and 1 on our Start plan. They can be configured by an admin in account settings. In its most basic terms, automations answer the if/then statement: "When this happens, do this." 

Automation Name Type Triggered on Description
PreClosing Email deal update Sets a Task to send pre-closing email to all parties 7 days prior.
Export Was Run export create Send notification to specific users when any exports are run.
Underwriting: Declined In House deal update When a deal is declined by internal underwriting. Please alert the deal owner.
Underwriting: Ready For Underwriting deal update When stage changes to either "Underwriting" or "Ready For Lender" set a task for Underwriters to review a New Deal.
Funded deal update When a deal moves to funded create tasks to send thank you and semi-annual/annual reviews
Application Received, Documents Required deal update When a stage changes to Application Received create follow up tasks to contact the client and ask for required documentation

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