Person Statuses

Create statuses for the People you know to help sort and prioritize your relationships (e.g. Hot, Cold, Archived, Follow Up). You can only have one Status on a person at a time, so it's a great way to keep track of relationship progress. For more complex information, you may want to consider using person tags instead.

You can view the names of the statuses you currently have set up on the left-hand side (1). The color that indicates that status is visible in the middle (2). On the right are action icons (3), which you can use to edit, delete, and reorder the list of statuses. 

The edit icon is on the left and looks like a pencil and paper. The delete icon is in the middle and is shaped like a trash can. Click and drag the three lines icon to drag and drop the status and reorder your list of statuses. Clicking on the "Add a new person status" button (4) allows you to create a new status.

When adding a new status or editing an existing status, the window below appears. Pick a name for the status in the text box at the top (1). Select a color for the status using either hexadecimal code (2) or the color picker (3).

When you're all finished, don't forget to save your work (4) by clicking either "Save" or "Save and add another", depending on if you plan on adding additional statuses or not.