Custom Field Groups

Custom Field Groups allow you to group related fields together to maintain organization and help with efficiency.  Custom field groups will appear in a few places around Pipeline such as on profile pages, when choosing columns to add/remove from a list view, and when customizing the new person/deal/company form. 

Profile Pages  

Once custom field groups are created, they will appear as modules of fields on profile pages. The modules can be moved by clicking and dragging the grey bar in the people and company profile pages or the intersecting arrows in the upper left-hand corner of the module on the deal profile page. 

List view column manager

Custom field groups can allow you to find the correct field quickly when adding columns into a listview. The group names will appear with the option to expand the group by clicking on the name. The fields will appear and you will be able to add them into the listview. 


Add/Edit Form Customization

When you add new people, deals or companies, the custom field groups that you have created will be shown. If you chose to hide certain custom field groups, they will be condensed at the bottom of the list. The visible custom field groups will appear open.