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Identify high-risk customers and take action

Maria Herrell
Updated 2 months ago

Once your customers are identified in Pipeline, you can quickly analyze your data to understand which customers may be at the greatest risk of losing to competitors. Using customer management and deal intelligence fields, you can use starred lists to help identify and take preventative action with high-risk customers.

Setting up your first high-risk customer filter

Follow the steps below to learn the basics of setting up rules to keep track of customers who you may be at risk of losing:

  1. Go to the Companies tab from the main navigation bar.
  2. Open the List View dropdown located in the upper left-hand side of the list view screen and select the “Customer Health” list.

  3. You’ll now see a pre-created list of all existing customers, including the health status column and the number of days that each record has been in its current status.
  4. Click on the header row for the “Health Status” column and select the red, frowning emoji. This will filter out all records that are not currently in this health status.
  5. Click on the header row for “Days In Health” and set the “From” value to 7. This will filter out any records that have a value of < than 7 days from appearing in this list.
  6. Select “Save as new list” in the yellow banner at the top of the page. When saving this new list, you could call it, “High-Risk Customers: More than 7 days in red health”.

As time progresses, any customer who remains in the red customer health status for more than 7 days will appear on this list. This indicates that action should be taken immediately to reach out to the customer to work on remedying the situation or to update the customer's health status if it's no longer accurate.

Pro tip: after saving your new list, click on the “Star” icon to have this list and the real-time number of records that fall underneath it appear on your home tab and in your Morning Coffee Report. 

Ideas to improve your customer risk filters

To refine your risk parameters, consider adding in the following fields and setting values that make the most sense to your business. The list will automatically update as the underlying record values in the chosen fields change over time:

  • Days since last activity
  • Total Pipeline or Won Deals value
  • Next Milestone Due or Next Milestone Status
  • Other custom fields

Pro tip: you could also use the same fields on the deal list view to help your team identify deals that may be at risk due to underlying customer health status concerns. This is particularly helpful if you have distinct account management and sales teams that need to coordinate effectively.

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