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Managing Customers from the List View

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

You can view information about Companies and Customers from the Company tab. A Company in Pipeline is a business that you have not won any deals with. A Customer in Pipeline is a business with at least one closed/won deal. Customers could also include businesses that you’ve sold to prior to you using Pipeline

Saved list views

All users have two standard lists to view all customers and companies that they have visibility to. By clicking the saved list view field in the top left corner of the Company tab, you will see All Customers and My Customers. Any additional saved list views will appear here as well.

The lists for ‘All Customers’ and ‘My Customers’ filter on the columns ‘Owner’ and ‘Is Customer.’ You can add these columns to your list view by clicking on ‘Add/Remove Columns’ above the list view in the upper right corner. Please note that the viewership of customers is dependent upon your user role and your account’s visibility rules. Check with your account administrator for more details on your account’s unique visibility settings.

Customer specific fields

There are two fields dedicated to customers that you can access on the list view, ‘Health Status’ and ‘Is Customer.’ To add these columns to the list view on the Company tab, click ‘Add/Remove Columns’ in the upper right corner above the list. These columns will appear by default in the ‘System Fields’ section.

The ‘Is Customer’ field indicates that the company has been converted to a customer. ‘Health Status’ is a simple visual status of the health of the business relationship.

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