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List View Overview for the Company, Deals, and People Tab

Maria Herrell
Updated 4 weeks ago
On the list view pages for Companies, Deals, People, Agenda, and Activities, you can filter and sort your data to your specifications and then save and share list views with your team. 


Select columns to view

To show or hide columns in your list views, click Add/Remove Columns then check the box next to any fields you wish to view or uncheck the box next to any you do not wish to view.

Sort & filter

To sort or filter column data, click the column header. Filter options will differ based on the type of field you're filtering. You have the ability to choose a color that will populate in the background of the column. You can also “Freeze” a column, which will keep it locked to the left-hand side of the list view, even when you scroll to view more columns.

A text field will by default look at the beginning of the field value. For example, entering "Corp" would return "Corporate Holdings, Inc." but not "Starbucks Corporation". To search for the string anywhere in the field, put a % before the search. In the example above, a search for "%Corp" would return both "Corporate Holdings, Inc." and "Starbucks Corporation".

Resize Your List View

You are able to resize the rows and columns in your list view to optimize how you view your data. To resize a row or column, simply hover over the breaking line between the records and drag the line to your desired size.

Color Code A Column

You have the ability to color code the columns on your list view to highlight important attributes or reflect your branding guidelines. To change to color of a column, you simply need to click on the column header and select “choose color” from the dropdown. If you do not see your desired color in the default options, you can enter the HEX code in the “#” search section.

Expand To Full Screen

You can now expand to full-screen mode which removes the global header and other options available at the top of your list view. This allows you to view more records at once and reduce the noise of unnecessary features.

How To Freeze Columns

You can freeze a column to the left-hand side of your list view so that when you scroll horizontally that column remains viewable. This allows you to view vital information about a record, such as a deal or company name, and have it “pinned” so that you can still see that column information when scrolling through your list view.

Create a new list

To start a new list from scratch, click on the dropdown menu with the name of your current list view, then  + Create New List.

This will bring up a completely blank list view and the columns menu. Select the columns you wish to have visible using the checkboxes in the columns menu and apply filters as described above. Once you have everything set and filtered the way you'd like, click Save as a new list. Name your list and click save to save this list view for later review.


Save changes as a new list

After making changes to an existing list using filtering and sorting, you'll see the “Save List” button become clickable and shaded blue. Simply click 'Save as new list’ from the dropdown and name your new list to save these changes as a separate list view. Once saved, it will appear in the saved lists dropdown.

Update a list

After making changes using filtering and sorting, you'll see the “Save List” button become clickable. You’ll be able to "Save changes" or "Save as new list". Click Save changes to save the changes you've made to your current list view.

To change the name of a list click Rename from the 'List Options' dropdown next to the saved lists dropdown.

Saved changes will update the shared list for other users automatically.

Find your saved lists

To find your saved lists, click the button showing the name of the current list. Lists you've saved will be under 'My Lists.' Your default list, the list that loads automatically when you visit a specific tab, is marked with 'Default List'.  Lists that have been shared with you are found underneath 'Shared With Me'.

Starred lists are marked with a star and are used to indicate lists that need closer attention. You can learn more about Starred Lists here.

Duplicate a list

To make a copy of a list, first, open the list by selecting it from the dropdown menu of list names. Then click 'List Options' and select Duplicate.

Set a default view

If there's a list you want to see every time you go to the page, you can set it as the default list by first selecting it from the dropdown menu of list names. Click the 'List Options' button and select Set as default.

Share a list

You can share a list with other users in your account to help save time and regulate processes. Administrators can also share lists globally. To share a list with other users in your account, click on the 'Share' button from the list view you wish to share.

Next, select which users you wish to share the list with, or if you are an Admin, you can choose to share the list globally for all users on your account. Admins also have the option to star the list for all users (see the Starred Lists article for more information).

To unshare a list that's not shared globally, click share and remove the users you no longer want to share the list with.

If you make changes to a list you've shared, those changes will automatically update in the other users' lists.

Import & Export data

To import data, click on the Import button next to Add new deal/person/company: 

To export the data currently displayed in your filtered list view, click on the 'gear icon' and choose between exporting as a PDF or a CSV. You will not see the option to export as PDF if you have too many records visible.

  Note: If you do not see export options, contact your account administrator for permission to export data from the account. You can learn more about Importing and Exporting here.
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