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Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

The Hindsight 2020 filter is available on Deal list views for accounts on our Grow plan. It allows you to compare today’s pipeline to previous dates right in the list view with just a couple of clicks! You will be able to quickly track sales progress and save time spent manually reporting comparative data.                                                             

To apply the Hindsight filter click on the Compare to Past button above the Add/Remove Columns button. Then select a past date you would like to compare by. (Note: You currently can only compare to dates within the last 6 months).

To remove the hindsight filter, click “Clear Comparison” directly below the Compared to button.

There are currently seven columns that can be reported on by Hindsight 2020. This comparative list view is interactive and dynamic. You can hover over cells with the orange triangle corner to see the data in that cell on your chosen date. Keep in mind you will only see the final state the record was in on your chosen date, not a full list of all changes made to that record since the date. The supported columns are:

  • Actual Close
  • Age
  • Amount
  • Latest activity updated
  • Expected Close
  • Stage 
  • Status

1. There are several new filter options above your list view accompanied by the percentage change of these attributes from today vs the date chosen.

2. The infinity symbol ∞ in the upper-left-hand side of the column header signifies that the column has the Hindsight comparative filter applied. Note that only the seven columns listed above are available on Hindsight at this time.

3. Deals that were created between the past date chosen, and today, will be highlighted in green with a + icon next to the row. For Deals where any data from the supported columns changed since the past date, an orange line will appear next to the first column in your Deals list view.  The green plus means that the record was created after the date selected. A Green dash means that the record was previously created, and is now newly available in the specific filtered list view.

4. The orange triangle in the corner of a cell shows that changes were made to the record between the past chosen date and today. If there is not a triangle in the corner that means the data has remained the same.

Deleted or removed deals 

Deals that no longer fit the criteria of the list view can be found at the bottom of your list. You can select “View Removed Deals” which will take you to an entirely new list view. 

You also have the ability to see the total number of deals deleted in your selected date comparison. Some of these deals may still be available to preview, restore, or permanently delete depending on the state of the record. You can view these deals by selecting “View Recycle Bin” at the bottom of the screen. From there you will be able to restore, permanently delete, or see a preview of the deal profile page with limited data.

  • Deals in the Recycle Bin will automatically be permanently deleted after 30 days. 
  • Visibility restrictions apply in the recycle bin as well. Users can only view deleted deals that they have permission to view.
  • Deleted records are listed by record type, date deleted, record owner, and the user who deleted the record.
  • A comparative view of the total number of deleted records may not match the number of records listed in the recycle bin as they may be outside of the 30-day Recycle Bin window, or they may have been permanently deleted.


Is Hindsight available for everyone?
Hindsight is available on the Grow account plan for each user role with visibility to deals. A User will only see details that align with their visibility settings.

Will there always be comparative results?
No. Depending on the list view and your account activity it is possible to see a comparative view with zero differences displayed.

Is Hindsight available on SuperShare?
This feature is not available to SuperShare users.

Can I export the Hindsight list?
The Hindsight Compare by list view is interactive and dynamic and its features are not compatible with exports at this time.

Can I save a Hindsight list?
You will need to apply the Compare to Past feature each time you return to the list view.

What is the difference between a deleted deal and a deal removed from this ‘hindsight’ list?

a.   Deleted deals will populate in the recycle bin where a user can restore, permanently delete, or see a preview of a deal profile page with limited data for up to 30 days.
b.   A deal removed from Hindsight 2020 comparative view is a deal that has changed in a meaningful way where it no longer meets the filter/sort criteria of the list view. The deal is not deleted however it is no longer in that specific list view. 

Can I save a list of deals no longer in the original LV?
Yes, you can save it as a new list view.

How far back can you go with Hindsight?
It can go as far back as 6 months.

How do I know what deals are new to a list today compared to the compared by date?
New deals between today and the comparative past will highlight in green and have a + sign icon next to them. You can use this combined with the age column to determine how new this deal is between today and the date in the past. Additionally, deals that are new to the Deals list view but previously did not meet the sorting/filtering criteria will also be highlighted in green and will have a dash symbol next to them.

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