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Team Management

Maria Herrell
Updated 2 months ago

Manage which records team members have visibility of using team management. Teams allow admins to restrict or allow user visibility to certain records based on the owner field for all users on a team. Team-to-team reporting creates a hierarchy for increased record visibility for Team Leaders to manage multiple teams.

Create and customize teams

Click on Create a new team on the Users page and follow the steps:

  1. Create a new team (team name and optional reports to team-to-team hierarchy)
  2. Add users (new or existing)
  3. Set visibility (visibility is set on a team level so all members have access to the same information)
  4. Team Settings

Edit Team Settings

Teams consist of non-executive users and can have multiple Leaders and Read-only access users as well. Click on a team’s name on the organization chart to open the team’s settings page.

A new or existing user can be added or moved to a team by clicking Add new user or Add existing user then Move in the Team Settings. Users moved will retain ownership of all records but may remove their visibility to their previous team’s data.

Reports to allow teams to report to other teams to preserve multi-level hierarchy.

Visibility settings control which records team members can see and edit; whether its deals, companies or people. Visibility is controlled at the team level allowing collaboration among team leaders and members. Refer to the Pipeline Knowledge Base article if you’re using Company Ownership.


Team hierarchy

Create a team hierarchy using 'Reports to' and take advantage of the team to team reporting. Team Leaders already have visibility to their Team Members' records. Leader's visibility extends to the teams that report up, creating user team hierarchy. This allows Team Leaders to effectively manage multiple teams with increased visibility.

Below is a diagram of the team to team reporting, where both the "Atlantic" and "Pacific" teams report to the "National" sales teams. The "National" Team Leader has visibility to all team member's records in this entire organizational chart.




Q: How do I create an organizational hierarchy?
A: Using Reports to when creating or editing in Team Settings allows account administrators to assign team-to-team reporting based on an organization’s structure.

Q: Can teams have multiple Team Leaders?
A: Yes! Account administrators can assign multiple team leaders to a team.

Q: How many teams can I set up in my account?
A: The number of teams available is dependent on the account's subscription. 1 team with Start, 2 on Develop, and an unlimited number of teams on Grow.

Q: Who has access to team data and records?
All visibility settings are set by the account administrator. 

cannot be on a team and see and edit data across the entire account.
Team Leaders can see and edit data across their team or account.
Team Members, as the default role, can see and edit data within their team or account.
Read-only access Team Members can add and comment on all activities within their team but cannot edit or report.

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