Recycle Bin

Now that you can see Deal changes in your pipeline using Hindsight, you may want to understand more about what was deleted and how you can restore it. The Recycle Bin will allow you to find and restore deleted deals and is available on all of our subscription plans!

The recycle bin is accessible at the bottom of the Hindsight comparative view and through your user icon in the global navigation.

To access the Recycle Bin click on the dropdown menu under your user icon. When viewing the recycle bin, visibility restrictions still apply and are based on your current settings. Note: if user permissions have changed since a record was deleted, then the user impacted would no longer have access to the record.

In the recycle bin deleted records are listed by record type, date deleted, the user who deleted the record, and the record owner.

When viewing deleted records in the recycle bin you can:

  •   Restore the deleted record
  •   Permanently delete the record
  •   View the record profile page with limited read-only access.

Records sit in the recycle bin for 30 days; if a record is not restored within 30 days, the record will be permanently deleted.

You can also restore and delete records in bulk. There will be a warning message that has the total number of records you would like to restore/ delete. When you click to restore a record, the platform will work in the background to complete the action. Depending on the size of your record restored, it may take a few moments to regain complete visibility of your record. Also, it’s important to note that once a record is permanently deleted it cannot be recovered.

When a record is restored from the recycling bin an activity will be created showing who restored the record and when. These activities can be found on the records profile page or in the Activity Report. (see photo below)


Is there a way to limit who can restore Deals?

The recycle bin feature follows the same user permission levels as deal read and write privileges. If a user had write access to the original record prior to deletion then that user will also be able to restore the record. You can view and update your Team Visibility settings in your Users section of Account Settings by selecting the Team Name. You can also click for more information on team visibility.