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SuperShare Setup Guide

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

Tired of your non-stop back-and-forth email chain with a business partner or supplier? We thought so.

Pipeline customers share and collaborate on sales pipeline data with your contacts outside the company. Collaboration is easy, secure, and instant so you can build game-changing relationships. Collaborate with your contact in real-time without the need to send countless emails or download spreadsheets.

How it works

As a Pipeline user, you can create then share a custom Deals list with external contacts. Your data is safe and secure. Only the information you share will be visible outside of your Pipeline account.

Adding external users

Setting up an external contact with a Pipeline SuperShare account is super easy and FREE!

  1. Add a new user from the Users page in Account Settings
  2. Select SuperShare (External User) for the new user’s Role. It will set their permissions as Read-only access by default which means that they cannot add or edit any data, but can still collaborate via activities and comments. 
  3. Check or uncheck the Can export reports for additional abilities
  4. Click Send Invite.
  5. The new external user will receive an invite to finalize the setup for their new free Pipeline SuperShare account! 

Note: Your SuperShare (External) user cannot have the same email domain as your organization's.

Saving lists to share

All users can share a saved Deals list where any fields on a shared list will be shown on the external user’s end. 

  1. Create a Deals list to share outside the Pipeline environment with the external SuperShare user. Add or remove and filter on the columns so only pertinent data is shared. You can share multiple lists with your external users.
  2. Click Share List in the upper right corner (or Manage Sharing from the gear icon dropdown)
  3. Select which users you wish to share the list with, and if you’re an admin you can star the list to highlight its importance. External user’s names will be highlighted in blue. 
  4. Users will receive an email with a clickable link directing them to the saved list in their account.

Pro tip: Create a custom deal field with a unique identifier to apply to specific deals so only the deals you want to share externally are queried for on the shared list. A dropdown with the external user’s name or organization as the value is a great option!

If you no longer need to share a list, simply click Manage Sharing in the dropdown from the gear icon on the list, uncheck their name(s) and save. They will no longer have access to this list.


Maintain a steady stream of communications between Pipeline and external users using Activities. External users can click on the Deal Name or the Activities field icon (when added to a shared list) to pull up a history of communication germane to that deal, including prior notes and emails. 

Pro tip: Tag your contact on the activity note by using the @ sign followed by their name. You can also check the box next to anyone’s name working on the deal to notify them of your new comment.


External SuperShare users will only have access to the Deals tab and to only the deals filtered on the saved shared list. SuperShare users cannot change the data and when they click on the Deal name it opens the activity feed rather than the deal profile. Supershare users cannot change the filters or add/remove columns - only the intended data that's shared is shared!

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