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How Pipeline Works with Email

Maria Herrell
Updated 2 months ago

Pipeline has several features to help you track email correspondence with your contacts and leads:

No need to guess if a prospect received or opened an email when you send trackable emails from your Pipeline account. Sync your email inbox to send trackable emails and campaigns with any Pipeline subscription.

Mailto links

If your email is not synced, when you click any email address in Pipeline your browser will open your preferred email client (Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.) and create a new compose message. 

Note: Which email app opens when you click an email address is dependent on your operating system settings. For instructions on how to change which email app is opened please see Change default programs in Windows or Change the default web browser or email app on Mac

If you are attempting to have links open in an external email client (like Outlook), but they are still opening in the browser you may also have to remove your email protocol handler setting (in Chrome or Edge). The option is located under Settings -> Privacy and security -> Site settings -> Additional permissions -> Protocol handlers

BCC Tracking

When you click on an email address in Pipeline, the new message will automatically write your contact’s email address in the To field and write cc@app.pipelinecrm.com in the BCC field.

By placing cc@app.pipelinecrm.com in the BCC field, Pipeline will track your correspondence as an email activity on your contact’s profile page and upload any file attachments. If that person does not already exist, it will automatically create a new person. Just make sure you send your email from an address tied to your Pipeline account. You can add up to 20 additional email addresses from the My Profile Settings page.

If your contact emails you back, you can make an activity note out of their message by forwarding the message to cc@app.pipelinecrm.com. The email will appear on the person’s profile page as an Activity, and any attachment will be uploaded as a file. This feature works best if you only have one deal associated with the contact.

You can place a contact's email in either the To or Cc field. An activity will not be created if the contact's email is placed in the Bcc. The email will also file as an activity on each record when sending to multiple contacts.

Forwarding to cc@app.pipelinecrm.com only works for emails you've received, because when the system receives a forwarded email it looks at the email address of the original sender to determine whose record to associate it to.

If you sent an email previously but forgot to Bcc cc@app.pipelinecrm.com, you can forward the email from your sent mailbox to  inbox@app.pipelinecrm.com to select who to associate the email to (read more about this feature below).

Inbox Email Feature

If you need to track an email on a specific Person, Deal and/or Company but don't want to have the system automatically select the association, Bcc, Cc or forward the message to inbox@app.pipelinecrm.com. Emails sent to your inbox are accessible from the Email tab of your Pipeline account. Click on the subject line of the email to associate with a Deal, Person, and/or Company record.

The inbox feature works well if you have a person who is associated with multiple deals, and you want to choose which deal the email is related to. Just choose the appropriate person, company, and/or deal using the checkboxes and selectors, then click Save to easily track your email as an activity on the profile. If you want the system to make its best guess as to how an email should be associated, click on Save & follow primary association, which works in the same way as cc@app.pipelinecrm.com.

Should I use cc@app.pipelinecrm.com or inbox@app.pipelinecrm.com?

While both addresses will help get your email data into Pipeline, they work in slightly different ways.

Use cc@app.pipelinecrm.com when:

  • You want the email automatically logged under the person your emailing's profile.  
  • The person you're emailing doesn't exist yet in Pipeline and you want a record automatically created.

Use inbox@app.pipelinecrm.com when:

  • You prefer to manually pick and choose which records to associate an email with rather than letting the system do it for you.
  • The company and/or person and/or deal record you want to associate the email to already exists in Pipeline.
  • The person you're emailing is associated with multiple deals and you want to pick which deal this email is associated with.
  • The person you're emailing is not the person whose profile you want the message on, for example if you're emailing Person B about Person A's deal and you want the email to show on Person A's profile.
  • You sent an email but forgot to bcc cc@pipelinecrm.com to create an activity for the email by forwarding the email from your sent folder.

Quote Tracking Feature

The qc@app.pipelinecrm.com email address is a new feature that will keep track of any quote activity associated with People records in your Pipeline account.

How it works

This new email alias functions similarly to the cc@app.pipelinecrm.com address. When you’re preparing to send a quote to your customer add the qc@app.pipelinecrm.com to either the cc or bcc line of your message and when you hit send, a record of that quote activity will be stored in your Pipeline account.  Pipeline will use the first email recipient address to look for a People record type to associate the quote activity to.

Behavior further defined:
  1. When we send an email to cc@app.pipelinecrm.com to multiple recipients, for each recipient we create a separate Email activity and then we add them to the Activity Scoreboard report. So if you send a message to 10 recipients, we count them as 10 separate email messages on the scoreboard report. This is *not* the case for quotes. The quote activity is created only for the *first* recipient. 
  2. When a quote is sent as an attachment, we will create an activity with a category Quote Sent, the title of this message will be an email's subject, the body of this message will be the email's body. But we will not save the attachment.
  3. If a person sends an email to both cc@app.pipelinecrm.com and qc@app.pipelinecrm.com, the message will only be processed as a quote - meaning, only quote type activity will be created.
  4. When we send an email to cc@app.pipelinecrm.com and a recipient has only one deal, the activity will be created for a person and for a deal. With quotes, we do not assign quotes to deals. The activity only will be visible on a person profile page.

Add new leads via leads@app.pipelinecrm.com

Email  leads@app.pipelinecrm.com to create a new lead in your account. This feature is great to use when you’re on the run and you want to record info to follow-up with a new person.

To use this feature, type the name of the lead in the subject line of the email. In the body of the email record information about how you met the lead, an email address, phone number or other contact information. When you email  leads@app.pipelinecrm.com the text in the body of the email will be recorded as an activity on the lead’s new profile.

Email Integrations

Our integration with Outlook lets you easily add your emails as Activities in Pipeline and sync your calendar and contacts. 

With our Google Chrome extension, you can quickly file incoming emails in Pipeline. Learn more about our Chrome Extension for Gmail.

Email sync Inbox
The Email sync Inbox completely integrates your email with Pipeline. You can access your email inbox from within Pipeline and reply directly from the app. The sync captures email history automatically so that you have the full history of correspondence with customers.

Trackable Emails
The Email sync allows you to send trackable emails within Pipeline. Emails can be sent to one contact or multiple contacts at a time, from profile pages or list views. Campaigns are limited to 1,000 recipients per 24-hours due to constraints in Google and Outlook. Please contact your email provider to see the specific sending limits they have in place.  Our data shows that 93% of customers send campaigns to small, targeted batches of less than 50 recipients, which is what the feature is designed for. To learn more about our email tracking and reporting features, please see our Knowledge Base article.

Email Integration Settings

Within the Account Settings, you have the ability to control specific aspects of the email sync functionality. 

Allow users to send tracked emails: 

If you turn this setting off, users will still be able to send emails from Pipeline with their email synced but the email opens and clicks will not be tracked. 

Automatically create activities with email sync turned on: 

If this setting is turned off, users can still send emails from Pipeline with their email synced, but the emails will not be tracked automatically as activities within Pipeline. 

Automatically save email attachments as files in the files section: 

If this setting is turned off, users can send emails and the emails will be tracked as activities (unless the activity setting above is turned off) but file attachments on the emails will not automatically save to the files section in Pipeline. You can still manually add files to the files section. 

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