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Add People Using Email

Maria Herrell
Updated 7 months ago

Pipeline works with emails to enable you to add new leads or contacts easily. The two ways to create a new lead in Pipeline via email are email  leads@app.pipelinecrm.com and BCC cc@app.pipelinecrm.com on your correspondence with a new, or existing, lead. *Note that the email must be being sent from either your Pipeline login email address or from one of the additional email addresses that have been added within the "My Profile" section of your Pipeline account in order to be properly recorded. 

Add new leads

Email  leads@app.pipelinecrm.com to create a new lead in your account. This feature is great to use when you’re on the run and you want to record info to follow-up with a new person.

To use this feature, type the name of the lead in the subject line of the email. In the body of the email record information about how you met the lead, an email address, phone number or other contact information. When you email leads@app.pipelinecrm.com the text in the body of the email will be recorded as an activity on the lead’s new profile.

add new leads by email


Add new contacts

If you are sending an email to a new lead or contact for the first time, and you do not already have that person in your Pipeline account, you can easily create a new person profile in your account using our BCC feature.

Put your new person’s email address in the To field as normal and in the BCC field write cc@app.pipelinecrm.com. Write your email as normal and send it to your new lead. Pipeline will create a new person profile, record the email as an activity, and let you know that you have a new contact in your account.

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