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Update by Import

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

Update by import allows you to apply bulk changes to all existing default and custom field records in your Pipeline account. Your account must have the update by import feature turned on. Please contact us for assistance. It's important to note Updates by Import cannot be undone.

Itโ€™s a fairly straightforward process, but there are a few details to pay attention to. Please review the steps below and contact us if you have any questions.


  1. Export the data you want to update

  2. Prepare your CSV file

  3. Import your file

Export the Data You Want to Update

Filter a list view using the Add/remove columns button to show only the columns you plan to update. Click on the Export button and select Export as CSV.

Prepare Your CSV File

The CSV file contains a column with the unique internal ID for each company, deal, or person record. This is needed for the update by import. 

Make the changes to your file, then save it as a CSV. If you are adding a new custom field to your CSV, add the field to your Pipeline account before importing the CSV.

Prepairing a csv file for import

Import Your File

Go to the Company, Deal, or People tab list view then click Import then select Excel or CSV  Select the type of record you are updating (Companies, People or Deals). Click Upload file to select your updated CSV file to import. The system will check the file to make sure it is properly formatted.

Map your fields

Once the file has been checked, you can map the columns from the file to the corresponding fields in your account. If your file has columns of data that are not being updated, select Ignore this field for those columns. 

Map the Company ID, Deal ID, or Person ID column in the spreadsheet to the last mapping option, called โ€œID (for updating records)โ€. If the spreadsheet has more than one ID column, choose the ID that matches the type of import youโ€™re doing, and select  Ignore this field for the others.

When updating people records,  Organize your data dropdowns are ignored when updating by import. To change the person Type (Contacts or Leads), Source, Owner, or Tags, use columns in the spreadsheet. It also does not matter whether or not you enable duplicate checking, as you are not creating new records.


You'll receive an email when the import is complete. If any records were not imported, the email will contain a link to a spreadsheet that lists the records and the error message for each.

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