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Import Your CSV or Excel File

Maria Herrell
Updated 2 months ago

To import your data, choose either the Companies, Deals, or People tab and click the  Import button > Excel or CSV

You can also click  +Add > Import from the header navigation menu

Upload Your File

You'll be walked through some basic best practices to make sure that the file you're uploading is prepared for import. After making sure you're ready, click the Upload file button to select your CSV or Excel file to import.

Organize Your Data (People Imports Only)

When you import people, you can choose to assign certain attributes to each record on the file in Step 4:

  • Person Type (Contact or Lead)
  • Source
  • Owner
  • Tags 

If you've assigned these within the spreadsheet itself, the spreadsheet data will override any selections made in this step. 

Here are some helpful CSV Templates for your import.

Map Your Fields

The first column is made up of the column headers on your file. The middle column is an example piece of data from that row. The last column is a dropdown menu that lets you pick which field in Pipeline to match this data to. The system will take its best guess based on your header name as to where it should map, but if this is wrong, you can change the selection using this menu.

You are required to make a selection for each column. If you do not want to import a column in your file, select Ignore this field.

Once you make a selection for each column, click Next.

If you're importing  people, you can also enable duplicate checking in step 6, which will look for identical email addresses in your account and in the file you are importing. If duplicate checking is enabled, people with duplicate email addresses will be considered invalid entries and will not be imported. You will be notified of the invalid entries by email when the import is complete. 

Final Step

Click on the  Import Now button to complete your import. Your import will process in the background,  and we'll send you an email when the import has completed. 

If you have invalid entries (for example, duplicate companies or people), you'll be emailed a link to a spreadsheet listing those entries, along with the reason that each entry was invalid. Click on the link to download the spreadsheet and view the invalid data.

Download imported lists to troubleshoot

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