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Activity Report

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

The Activity Report, located under the Reports tab, is a great way to view all activities that you and your team have added to your account. For each activity, you can see:

  • which person, deal and/or company the activity is written about
  • which user recorded the activity and the date it was recorded
  • the activity category, such as a phone call or email
  • details about the activity and conversation about the activity

Filter to see activities written by certain users, all activities in a certain category, or all activities associated to a certain person, deal, or company. Sort columns to display in alphabetical order or see only activities written or updated within a specified time frame. You can create, save, and share these custom list views with your team, and export the activity report to a CSV file. 

View conversations and comments about an activity, and comment on an activity, directly from the Activity Reports page. Click on the icon in the Conversation column to view the conversation and comment without navigating away from the Activity Report.


Comment on activies

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