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Latest Activity

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

Viewing the  Latest Activity columns in your People and Deals list views is a great way to keep track of recent interactions. These columns allow you to see the date, category, and description of the most recent Activity associated with a Person or Deal. By adding these fields to the list views, you can structure workflows around the opportunities that need to be nurtured. 

To add these fields to the People or Deals list view, click the Columns button, then check the boxes for the Latest Activity Fields.

Filter and sort for a specific time range or category, and share useful list views with your team.

Using the Latest Activity in combination with other fields such as Status or Stage, you can create a more in-depth and strategic workflow. For example, with the Latest Activity fields, you can easily identify the last time you touched base with anyone who is in a specific Status. Filter by Deal Stage to see where you left off with all your deals in a proposal stage.

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