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Send SMS from Pipeline CRM

Alan Locke
Updated 3 weeks ago


Integrating SMS into Pipeline CRM enhances communication with leads and customers by providing a quick, easy, and personalized interaction channel. Here’s why you should enable SMS capabilities:

1. Instant Communication

  • Immediate Delivery: Ensure important messages are received promptly.
  • Quick Responses: Facilitate timely interactions.

2. Higher Open Rates

  • Increased Visibility: SMS messages are more likely to be read compared to emails.
  • Ideal for Urgent Messages: Effective for time-sensitive updates.

3. Broader Reach

  • Wide Audience: Reach those who prefer mobile communication.
  • Inclusive: Connect with leads who do not regularly check emails.

4. Personalized Communication

  • Tailored Messages: Send personalized offers and updates.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Improve engagement with targeted messages.

5. Lead Nurturing

  • Stay Engaged: Keep leads informed and interested.
  • Build Relationships: Maintain consistent communication.

6. Multi-Channel Communication

  • Integrated Approach: Combine SMS with other communication channels.
  • Consistent Experience: Provide seamless communication across platforms.

Sending SMS directly from the Pipeline CRM streamlines communication enhances customer engagement, and boosts business efficiency.

Sending SMS directly from Pipeline CRM

Enhance your Sales Process by integrating dialer solutions, including JustCall, Dialpad, or Kixie. This integration allows you to leverage their services to send, receive, and log SMS messages directly within your Pipeline CRM system without switching applications.

Currently, we only support Justcall, Kixie, and Dialpad. Admins can quickly and easily set up this integration, and you can start sending an SMS from Pipeline CRM at no additional cost.

Using this integration you can:

1. Send an SMS from your Dialer Number
You don't need to change your mobile number, in order to send a message. Simply use the same number for all your leads.

2. Send an SMS to One Person
Easily send SMS messages to individual contacts. Engage with customers or leads on a one-to-one basis for more personalized interactions.

3. Receive SMS
Receive SMS messages directly within Pipeline CRM. Keep all incoming messages in one place for better management and response tracking. You will get an in-app notification, whenever you receive a text.

4. Track and Store SMS Activity
Automatically log all SMS activities, including messages sent and received. Maintain detailed records of all text interactions, ensuring you have a complete history of communications for each contact.

By integrating SMS capabilities from dialer solutions like JustCall, Dialpad, and Kixie into Pipeline CRM, you can streamline your communication processes, ensuring all SMS interactions are efficiently managed and tracked within a single system, without ever needing to leave Pipeline CRM.

Setting up integration

Admins can configure the integration here:

  1. Justcall
  2. Dialpad
  3. Kixie
The Pipeline Admin should also be the admin of the above-mentioned Dialers. All users who have a unique mobile number using the above Dialer services can then configure the work number under "Work number" in the profile setting. Please note that you can only use one dialer SMS integration at a time in your Pipeline Account.


There is no additional cost associated with using dialer integration, and this feature is available on all plans.
You must have an active subscription with the supported dialers.

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