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Kixie Integration

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 month ago

About Kixie

Kixie is a powerful sales dialer all rolled into one seamless voice product. Using Kixie and Pipeline you can easily automate the activity tracking and you will no longer manually enter the activity updates. 

Integration Setup

The integration setup involves the following steps:

1. All Pipeline Users must update their phone numbers to match with the Kixie number that they are using. 

2. Admin on Pipeline CRM & Kixie need to set up the integration.

Pipeline User Setup- for all users 

Please navigate to Profile>My profile> Phone number and enter the same number that you use on Kixie. Hit "Save" once you're done.

At Kixie end

Navigate to Manage > Account Settings > INTEGRATIONS. You can find the Business ID & API KEY here. Please note that you must have Admin permissions to access your account's API key and Business ID. Find more information on Kixie's helpdesk here

At Pipeline end

Pipeline Admins can navigate to Profile > Account Settings > App Store. Please scroll to Kixie integration and click on Install. 

After clicking install, navigate to Kixie Service

Copy and paste the Business ID from your Kixie dashboard to the above page and click on "Save". 

After saving you can test if the API works as intended by clicking on "Test Connection"

You can now set the Activities mapping on the "Settings" tab. You can use existing categories or create new ones

You can configure an activity category to be used when the integration logs your calls. Because there are different categories of calls, you can set a different category for each one (if desired) or you can use a single "Phone Call" category for all of them. The categories of calls include the following:

  • Completed incoming calls
  • Completed outgoing calls
  • Missed incoming calls
  • Missed outgoing calls
  • Voice message (incoming)
  • Voice messages left (outgoing), these calls will appear as "outgoing completed calls"

Click on the drop-down and search for the specific activity to map the relevant events from Kixie. Don't forget to hit "Save" 

Finally, when you are ready to go live, enable the Kixie integration. When you’re finished configuring and saving category selections, if you click “back to App Store” at the top, then the Kixie integration will be highlighted.

A quick way to check if the integration is set correctly is to navigate Manage>Automatations>Webhooks on Kixki's app and verify that 2 new webhooks are created with URL integrations.pipelinecrm.com/webhook/<additional info>. 

Test out the integration

To test the integration you must have one Kixie number and number. You may create a new person entity in Pipeline with the other number (as work phone or mobile), and try calling this number from your Kixie number. Depending on the activity mapping, the activity will be automatically created under this new person record. 


Pipeline does not have a custom dialer for Kixie. However, Kixie provides a click-to-dial browser plugin for Chrome here.

When Pipeline displays a phone number, we use the standard link for telephone numbers, and browsers recognize those numbers, and open the telephony software you have registered to perform the dialing and connect the call.

Call Logging

When you install and configure Pipeline's Kixie Integration, activities will be logged on people or companies when phone calls are made and received:

  • Completed calls (incoming and outgoing)
  • Missed (unanswered) calls (incoming and outgoing)
  • Voice messages (incoming)

In addition, if a voice message is left (for incoming calls), the activity will include the audio file (if available) for the message left.

If your Kixie account has call recording enabled, then after calls are completed, the recording will also be added to the activity.

SMS Integration setup

Please ensure that you have a valid SMS campaign registered (10DLC) with Kixie.

Admins can enable the Kixie SMS integration by navigating to Kixie integration on the app store section of the admin settings. If you are not using the dialer features you need to click "install" on the Kixie app.

To enable the SMS integration please navigate to the "SMS Settings"

Here you can enable the SMS integration by clicking on the checkbox next to "Enable SMS Support"
You can also configure an existing or custom activity category to map incoming and outgoing texts.

Once enabled each user must configure the Phone number under profile settings. Please note that you need to input the same number as the one that you are using in the Kixie app and the user email ID should be the same for both Kixie and Pipeline CRM

Please note that you cannot enable more than one SMS integration at a time.

Sending and receiving SMS

You can send an SMS from Multiple pages, including a person profile, deal profile and business card view, by clicking on the "SMS" icon

The SMS messenger window will open from left bottom. If you have any SMS history, it will be displayed

If the person has both system fields- work number and mobile available, you can select which number to send the SMS to by clicking on the "show setting" toggle

Once you have entered the message, click on the send icon

After sending the message you can see the status of the message in the SMS messenger window.

Once the SMS is delivered the status changes to delivered along with the timestamp of the delivery.

You can view the replies within the same SMS messenger window. You will also get an in-app notification.

The SMS messenger window can be quickly accessed from any page in the CRM, if you click on the in app notification update

You can configure the notifications under profile settings > (Display) > Notifications. By default if you receive an SMS - you will get all 3 notifications - in-app, email, and mobile.

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