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Deal Intelligence Fields

Maria Herrell
Updated 3 months ago

What are deal intelligence fields?  

Deal Intelligence Columns, part of Pipeline' Grow platform, include:

  1. First Activity 
  2. Hours to First Activity 
  3. Days since Last Activity
  4. Days in Stage
  5. Stage Before Closed

Where can I see these columns? 

With a Grow subscription simply click on the Deals tab, and then choose the Add/Remove columns selector. You will see the four deal intelligence columns in the “System Fields” section. They are not selected as a default, so you will need to select them to see and use them in your Deals list view. You can also view the First Activity, Hours to First Activity, and Days Since Last Activity columns in the People list view.  


First Activity

  • What is this field? The First Activity field shows the date and time that you first completed an activity on a record. The goal is to help you track when you started to take action with a particular deal or person. 
  • Which activities count? The first activity logged in the activity feed is one of the following:
      • Manually entered activity (any activity category).
      • System-generated activities
        • Email activities, including emails sent via Connect, the BCC feature, and the Inbox features 
        • Task completion activities
      • The following activities are NOT counted as a first activity:
        • Deal Stage Changes
        • Any activity created more than an hour before the creation of the person or deal.
  • How can I use this field? The First Activity field helps you understand when you or your team started to interact with a deal or person. This especially helps managers conduct a more in-depth analysis on your sales team performance, based on when activity actually started with a deal or person rather than just when a record was added.

Hours to First Activity

  • What is this field? The Hours to First Activity field is displays the number of hours or minutes it takes to complete your first activity compared with when the deal or person was added. This field displays minutes if your first time to contact is less than 1 hour. You can track Hours to First Activity for both a Deal record and a Person record separately.  
  • How can I use this field? Quick initial response time to new leads often creates stronger rapport and potential customers valuing your services above any other. The Hours to First Activity field makes it easier for reps and managers to understand how quickly they’re following up with key business opportunities and can better manage individual salesperson responsiveness.

Days since Last Activity

  • What is this field? The Days since Last Activity field shows the number of days between today’s date and the date the latest activity was added.
  • How can I use this field? This field makes it easy to find deals that may be stalled in your sales pipeline quickly and easily. We suggest creating a starred list using this field so that you can follow-up on any deal that has gone a certain amount of days without activity.

Days In Stage

  • What is this field? The Days in Stage field shows the total number of days that your deal has been in the current stage.   
  • How can I use this field? The Days in Stage field helps sales reps understand which deals are stalling so they can take action. Managers can also use the Days in Stage field to get a general sense of the average sales velocity of new deals.

Stage Before Closed

  • What is this field? The Stage Before Closed field shows the stage a deal was in prior to closing.
  • How can I use this field? The Stage Before Closed field is particularly useful for determining where deals are in the sales cycle before they are lost. Managers can use this field to determine at which point in the sales cycle certain reps might be struggling. This provides great insight and an opportunity for targeted training.

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