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Email Sync Security

Maria Herrell
Updated 2 months ago

Data security is our #1 priority at Pipeline. With our Email sync feature, it is easier than ever to maintain complete records of your interactions with customers and prospects. No more filing emails or bouncing between applications. You can drive entire relationships from one location. This new functionality comes with additional security measures to protect your confidential communications without interfering with convenience.

Our Email sync is available for Google and cloud-based Microsoft Exchange email clients. Regarding security concerns, there are two different approaches that we take: one for Google’s Gmail service, and another for all others. Our technology, as a result, security, is slightly different between these two types of mail service.


If you sync Pipeline to your Google email, we will never store the raw email itself. Your inbox in Pipeline is only a reflection of your Google inbox–the emails are not directly stored on our servers. When activities are created in Pipeline records, those are of course stored on our servers as with any other interactions you record. You can delete this data at any time. We delete all account data 180 days post-account cancellation per our terms and conditions.

Other email providers

To offer this service for all email providers, we have implemented a technology that pulls your full inbox upon initial sync and then listens for updates. These emails are stored on servers other than your email provider, regardless of whether an activity is created. If you disable the sync or cancel your account, all emails will be deleted from servers other than those of your primary email provider within 30 days.

 Lastly, if you choose to disconnect the email sync from any provider, all existing email activities will remain in Pipeline. If you have any questions about our security policy, please get in touch with us email at customercare@pipelinecrm.com

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