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Sending Email With Email Sync

Maria Herrell
Updated 3 months ago

All of our plan levels allow you to send trackable emails within Pipeline, allowing deeper insight into leads to tailor future interactions based on real data.  The ability to send trackable content can be a huge asset in turning a lead into a customer.

Email Send options available to Start & Develop Users

On our Start and Develop plans, users are able to send single trackable or (non-tracked) emails directly from Pipeline to their contacts once they have synced their Google or Microsoft Exchange hosted email account. These emails can be initiated from within the Email tab, People list views, Deal list views and from within a person, company or deal profile page. 

Email Send options for Grow Users

Emails can be sent to one or multiple contacts from within Pipeline Email and the People and Deals tabs. Campaigns are limited to 1,000 recipients due to constraints in Google and Outlook. Please contact your email provider to see the specific sending limits they have in place. 93% of our customers send campaigns with targeted batches of less than 50 recipients, which is what the feature is designed for. 

Sending emails from the Deals Tab

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