Sending Email With Email Sync

All of our plan levels allow you to send trackable emails within Pipeline, allowing deeper insight on leads to tailor future interactions based on real data.  The ability to send trackable content can be a huge asset in turning a lead into a customer.

Emails can be sent to one or multiple contacts from within Pipeline Email and the People and Deals tabs. Campaigns are limited to 1,000 recipients due to constraints in Google and Outlook. Please contact your email provider to see the specific sending limits they have in place. 93% of our customers send campaigns targeted batches of less than 50 recipients, which is what the feature is designed for.

Sending email from the Deals tab

When sending an email to a single recipient from the deals tab, select the contact you would like to email by clicking on the rolodex icon under the People, paging through the people tied to the deal using the < > in the window that appears, then click on the contact’s email address. If you have multiple deals with a given contact, emailing from the deal level is a huge advantage because the email will be logged as an activity within the selected deal.

When sending email to multiple contacts, filter your deals to just the ones you wish to reach out to, check the box at the top of the column of boxes on the left to select all deals that fit that filter, then click Send Campaign. This will email the primary contact on each of the deals selected. 

Sending email from the People tab

The advantage to emailing at the people level is that if the contact has yet to be associated to a deal in your sales pipeline, you are able to track communication leading up to initializing and closing a deal.

Send an email to a single contact by selecting the rolodex icon under the info column and clicking on their email address. It will send the email to the work email address that is listed for the contact.

When you want to email multiple people at once, use Custom List Views to filter your deals to just the ones you wish to reach out to, check the box at the top of the column of boxes on the left to select all people that fit that filter, then click on the Send Campaign. To make things easier when selecting people to send to, filter your list view in order to prevent having to pick and choose individually.

Composing your draft

The email composition window has a number of different features available to make your message look exactly the way you want. 

SUB is the subject line of your email.

Click  Insert template just below the subject line to apply a saved template from the dropdown. If you've composed a draft and you'd like to use it as a template in the future, click Save as a new template. Check out our knowledge base article on Creating Email Templates to learn more.

Select the font-type and the size of your font from the options provided in the dropdown. Change the text to bold, italic, or underlined. You can select from a number of pre-defined colors to change the color of the font as well. Paragraph options allow you to change between writing standard paragraphs, setting apart a blockquote, or creating headers. Add an image to the body of your email, read more about that here.

To insert a link click on the chain icon. Links are automatically tracked so you know when a contact clicked a link in the email. 

Source Code/HTML View switches the view from the "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) editor to the HTML editor. If you're familiar with HTML code, you can use this option to control the format of your email on a more granular level than how you can control it in the WYSIWYG editor.

Click on  Add Attachment to add a pdf or any other file to the email. Attachments are also tracked so you know when a contact clicked a link in the email. 

Sending your email

Once your email is drafted, you can choose to send it immediately or schedule to send it at a future date or time.

Click the arrow next to Send now and select Schedule for later. Once you've picked the date and time you wish to send the email, click Save > Send later. It's always encouraged to check for accuracy by clicking Send me a test email before you send to your contacts and make any needed adjustments.

Click on the Email tab to view Scheduled emails below the inbox. Clicking on the name of an email will pull up a preview window with the options to edit or delete the email.