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Searching in Pipeline

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

You can find the Quick Search bar in the upper right-hand corner of Pipeline pages. The Quick Search bar allows you to search for Companies, Deals, and People by name. It also allows you to search for Companies and People by email address and phone number. For more information please see Universal Search.

If you need to search by other fields, you can use searching and filtering options from the appropriate list view page to find the data you're looking for.

Search Filters on List Views

If you need to search for other information, you can search and filter by most fields within Pipeline from the Companies, People, or Deals list view. Just click on the top of the column you wish to search by to see your search and filter options for that field. If the field you wish to search by is not visible, click on the 'Add/Remove Columns' button and check the box next to the field you wish to see to make it visible.

Start your query with the % sign to do a wildcard search in Pipeline. This also works when searching and filtering on fields in list views.

You can learn more about filtering your list views on our article on Creating, Saving, and Sharing Custom List Views.

Search Activities

Find past activity notes by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the activity feed to open a search bar


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