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Dashboard Tab

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

The Dashboard tab gives you the ability to go to one place and know immediately where to focus your day to have the most significant impact on your pipeline. Think of the Dashboard as mission control of your pipeline’s deals. Please note, if you are on our Grow plan, you'll have the ability to add custom content to the dashboard with the Customizable Dashboard feature. Please see this article in our Knowledge Base for more information. 

The Dashboard tab enables you to see how you are doing and what you should do next by helping you:

  1. Focus on Opportunity: Your Pipeline Dollars and Pipeline Deals are highlighted front and center to help you focus your day on what’s essential – new revenue opportunities. You can view your pipeline, or your team’s pipeline if you have permission.
  2. Dynamically Track Performance: Pipeline Stats proactively tracks your performance to ensure that you are on top of your game. Pipeline Stats also enables you to quickly compare performance through time. 
  3. Take Strategic Action: The Dashboard tab shows you your daily agenda and helps you make smarter decisions about who to contact and when. In addition to Starred Lists, the Dashboard tab encourages follow-up with leads that recently engaged with an email and highlights valuable deals that may be slipping away.

It's an overview of your pipeline, your team’s pipeline, and your company’s pipeline. Through the dashboard tab, you will be able to keep your pipeline full and quickly know where you need to take action to make your numbers.

My Pipeline

The top line is the sum of your total dollars and total deals in your active pipeline expected to close in a specified timeframe. Below, is the stage by stage breakdown of your active pipeline that includes the total value and number of deals in each stage. This will allow you to know the health of your pipeline relative to your monthly (or quarterly, weekly, etc) targets.

How it Works:

  • The values in each stage are clickable and will take you to its respective list views.

  • You can adjust your view in many ways:

    • Based on your permissions, managers and executives can view the Pipeline for your entire team or individuals on your team.

    • Timeframe only impacts the view if “Expected to close” is selected.

    • Choose to display all of the active deals or only the active deals with an expected to close date that fits within the selected time frame

    • If the timeframe is ‘this month’ and pipeline set to ‘expected,’ for example, then only deals expected to close this month will be summarized in the Pipeline component.

    • (1) “Active Deals” or “Expected to close” toggle

    • (2) Timeframe (This Week, This Month, This quarter, This Year)

    • (3) If you are using multiple Pipelines, you are able to select the pipeline that is more applicable to

    • (4) The “Users” selector allows you to select who's pipeline you look at.

Pipeline Stats

This enables customers to know your current performance statistics so you can make informed decisions on how to spend your time to hit your numbers. 

How it Works: All of these stats dynamically update when you change the “Users” selector as well as the time frame filter.  

  • Amount Won: Total amount of dollars moved to “Closed-Won” in the selected time frame.
  • Deals Won: Total number of deals moved to “Closed-Won” in the selected time frame.
  • Sales Cycle Time: The average number of days taken to close-win deals during the selected time frame.
  • Win Ratio: The percentage of all deals closed in the selected time frame that was closed-won.
  • Average Won Deal Size: The average amount of all deals closed-won during the selected time frame.


View, mark complete/incomplete, manage and delete all tasks due today and this week, as well as past-due tasks.

How it Works:

  • View:  Today (Default).  Options to show Past Due and This Week as well.
  • Complete/Manage: Use the check box to complete the task or click on the task name to edit it.
  • Overdue items styled with a red timestamp
    • A task is overdue the day after its due date
    • An event is overdue 30 minutes after its end time

Starred Lists

By starring a saved list, you have quick, 1-click access to a dynamic list view on your Dashboard tab and in your Morning Coffee Report. Starred lists put your favorite lists one-click away on your dashboard tab and help you focus so that you never lose track of deals or leads in your pipeline. 

With Starred Lists, you can:

  • View top priorities, such as the number of deals closing this quarter, on your home tab.
  • Highlight favorite lists to focus your team and avoid losing things in the cracks.
  • Easily save and share valuable lists of leads, deals, and to-do items with your team.

Latest Email Interactions

View all trackable emails that have been recently opened or clicked on by your recipients. Having a live feed of email interactions allows you to follow-up with engaged leads & contacts much faster. Catching people while you’re focused on your content improves your chance of closing customers!

How it Works:

  • You must have synced your email 
    • If you do not sync your email (you will only see a prompt to sync here).  
    • To view your inbox, you will need to visit the Email tab.  
  • This inbox only displays tracked emails-- campaigns or single-recipient emails with tracking turned on.
  • This displays the five most recent email interactions.

Deals Slipping Away

Our goal is to help provide you with intelligent guidance on which deals you should focus on next. This section provides helpful insights to recommend which deals a customer should work on to keep deals from falling through the cracks, stalling, and negatively affecting a company’s win ratio. Deals that are relatively large, haven’t been touched in a while and don’t have tasks scheduled are most likely to appear here. This is not a list you could easily recreate on your own so we hope this helps you improve your results!

How it works:

We use an algorithm to assign a value to a deal and rank deals in order of importance:

  1. Deal Size:   The higher the deal amount, the more likely it is to appear at the top of the list.
  2. Deals that are stalling:  The farther into the future that the next task is scheduled, the more likely it is to appear at the top of the list.
  3. Deals that are forgotten: The more significant the time-gap between the most recent activity and the next scheduled activity, the more likely it is to appear at the top of the list.


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