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Add people

Maria Herrell
Updated 10 months ago

Adding in your contacts is a basic building block for using Pipeline. Once added to your account as People records, you can associate contacts to the company they work for and any deals that you may be working on with them. You can also send email campaigns to People and keep a log of other communications you may have with an individual Person.

You can add individual Person records one at a time or import multiple at once.

To add an individual Person

1) Via the top navigation bar

From anywhere in the app, you can use the “+” button in the top navigation to add a new Person.

  1. Select the “+” button in the top navigation bar
  2. Select “Person” from the dropdown menu
  3. Complete the New Person form

2) Via the People list view

  1. Go to the People tab
  2. Select the “Add new person” button on the top right
  3. Complete the New Person form

Completing the New Person form

The New Person form includes fields that help detail the contact. For example, their email address, work phone, and title.

Pro tip: Account admins can customize this form via Account Settings using the Add/Edit Forms feature.


Once you save the form, the system will do a quick check to see if a duplicate may exist in your account (a record with the same email address). If all looks good, you will see a confirmation notification in the lower left-hand corner of your browser and the new person record will be added to your account.

Finding your new person record

You are able to use the global search tool in the top navigation bar to find the person you just added. Additionally, the People tab houses a list of all people records visible to you.

Adding multiple people using the import tool

If you’d like to add multiple People at once, our import tool is the fastest way to go!

Preparing your data

Before you begin, you’ll want to make sure your records are in a CSV or Excel spreadsheet file with a header row and one person record per row. If you’re not familiar with this setup, we have several templates and additional help articles that can help get your data in the correct format for importing.

Using the import tool

The import tool is easy to use and will guide you through correctly importing your data. To access the tool:

  1. Go to the People tab.
  2. Select the arrow next to the Add New Person button to expand the dropdown list.
  3. Select the “Excel or CSV” Import option.
  4. On the Import page, select "People".



The system will walk you through details of preparing your file in the correct format. Templates are available to give you a head start.

Once your file is saved in the correct format, you can upload it on the Import People page. The system will run a quick check and then take you through the final steps of mapping your data columns to the correct fields in your Pipeline account.

Once you complete the import process, you’ll be given confirmation of whether your import was successful. If there are any issues, you'll receive an email with a spreadsheet that details any specific warnings or errors. 

I have my People in my account — what’s next?

After your contacts are loaded into your account, you will be able to start harnessing the power of Pipeline. You’ll be able to segment and save lists of your contacts to create call down lists or targeted email campaigns, make quick notes of any calls or interactions you have with a contact, set reminders to follow up at a future date, or quickly view the history of your interactions and notes in the activity feed under a contact’s profile. These are just a few examples of all the ways Pipeline can help you use, not just store, your data. 

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