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Add/Edit Forms

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 month ago

Streamline your record input by customizing the record creations forms in Add/Edit Forms. You are able to make fields required, rearrange the order of fields, or hide fields that do not need to be prominent when entering Companies, Deals, and People. 

Click on Form Preferences link at the bottom of the New Company, New Deal, or New Person form.

Or from the Add/Edit Form page under Account Settings. To get there: Click on your picture or initials in the upper right-hand corner > Account Settings > Add/Edit Forms > select which form to change: Company, Deal, or Person.

From there, you can reorder your fields by clicking on the name of the field you want to move, then dragging and dropping it. Mousing over a field will darken your selection and show an icon that looks like three lines on the left-hand side of the field name. Click, drag, and drop the field into the position you want to change the order of your fields.

If you want to hide a field from your form, drag and drop the field from the Displayed fields section to the Hidden fields section. 

Note: While hiding fields will minimize them on the form, they will still be accessible by opening the collapsed sections at the bottom.

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