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Pipeline Dashboard

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

Welcome to the home of your Pipeline. Here, you can find an overview of your Pipeline’s performance and direction on where to go next within Pipeline. Some questions that this page helps you answer include:

  • How much revenue do we have in our pipeline?
  • What’s expected to close this week/month?
  • Are we executing well relative to our past months?

#1: How much revenue do we have in our Pipeline?

A quick glance at the page headline will give you an idea of the total current state of your Pipeline. Curious to know more about a particular user’s Pipeline? As a manager or executive, you can switch to their Pipeline via the Users option in the top-right.

#2: What’s expected to close this month?

Switch the "Active Deals" dropdown to "Expected to close", and your pipeline will only show you deals that are expected to close this month:

You can now see if the deals expected to close this month actually have a chance of closing. If they’re only in the "Qualified" stage, and it’s the last week of the month, then you might have to put the pressure on! If you’d like to know which deals are lagging, select the specific stage to see a list of all of them.

#3: Are we executing well relative to past months?

The stats sitting underneath your Pipeline overview should help give you an idea of current funnel performance. Relative to past months, are you closing deals as fast? Is your team closing as many deals or as much revenue? Use these numbers to understand if you’re having a good or bad month.

#4. How long are deals lasting in each stage? What is being done to move them through the pipeline?

When hovering your mouse over each stage, it will tell you the average number of days a deal stays in that stage, the average of how many activities are created in that stage, and the average number of calendar tasks that are created in that stage. 

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