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Private Activities

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

Private activities allow for administrators and executives on the Grow plan to create notes that basic users are not able to see. This is especially useful for private information that only certain users need to know. 

In the activities section of a record, the administrators and executives will have the option to mark an activity as β€˜Private’ by clicking the open lock before saving the activity. Once the lock has been closed, it will clearly say Private. Administrators and executives are able to retroactively click on the edit icon then select 'Make Private' to make any previous activity private.

Basic users will not have any indication that the activity exists on the record but will be able to see it if the Administrator or Executive who created the activity removes the Private indication. External, or SuperShare, users also will not be able to see Private activities.

When exporting the Activity Report, Administrators and Executives will have the option to check off the private activities so that they are not included in the export.

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