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Viewing Performance Pulse Goals

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

Once the Performance Pulse goals are created, all users are able to see the progress towards those goals, with different breakdowns based on their user visibility settings. Performance Pulse Goals display based on your Pipeline Account Team Management settings.
There are four main filters that can be used to view Performance Pulse Goals. 

Pulse: Will give the total amount sold per lane. Think of it like an overview of all the revenue streams in your business. When clicking on the graph, it will give the contributions at the team level and break out executives since they are not on a team. It will also show how much is remaining to meet the goal. In this view, if there is a team hierarchy, only the top team in the hierarchy will be shown. 

Team: In the team view, you can toggle between teams to see how much they have collectively sold in each lane. When clicking on the total amount sold, it will break out who has sold what and how much is left to meet the goal. 

Team Member: In the team member view, you will select each team member to see how much they have contributed towards goals in each lane. It will show the breakdown per lane for that team member or executive. 

Lane: The lane section will allow you to select which lane you want to view then will break it out by user in the graph. 

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