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How to Add a Deal

Maria Herrell
Updated 2 months ago

Recording and tracking deals within Pipeline gives you visibility into each stage of your sales pipeline. Gaining control of your sales pipeline will help you close deals more efficiently and get you on the path to reliable growth.  Each deal you add in Pipeline has its own comprehensive profile page.

Adding a new deal

There are several ways to add a new deal:

  • Deal list view
  • Top navigation bar via the + (Add) button
  • Company and People profile pages

To add multiple deals at one time, you can import an excel file or CSV. From any list view, you can select the "Import"  button and select the "Excel or CSV" option. For more information visit the Import section in our Help Center.

The ability to add a Deal from the Deals listview is achievable by selecting "Add New Deal" 

Adding a Deal is also available via the top navigation bar in Pipeline CRM. This can be done by selecting "+ Add" > "Deal"

The ability to add a Deal via the Company and People profile pages will have similar functionality. If the Deal is being added from a Company profile page, you will select "Actions" > "Add deal to company" 

If the Deal is being added from a "People" profile page, you will select "Actions" > "Associate to deal" 

New Deal form

As you receive new leads you can enter those as deals using the New Deal form. This form will provide the basis of a new deal. It is also completely customizable (see custom fields/form preferences below).

Key features of β€œNew Deal” form

Company name Deals must be associated with a company. This field searches all existing companies and will associate the deal with it or create a new company if the search doesn't yield any results.

Primary contact

There are often many people involved in a deal -- assign a primary contact to designate a main point of contact.

Stage/probability tracking a deal through the pipeline requires knowing which stage the deal is in. Deal stages and the corresponding probabilities are all customizable.

Owners, Executives, and managers can assign other users to own a deal. This helps with lead management.

Custom fields and Form preferences

Deals are completely customizable which makes them adaptable to any type of business. In Account Settings, your admin can rearrange the form fields, make specific fields required, and add in custom form fields. You can also preview a form to see what it looks like before sending it out to your team.

Pro-tip: to learn more about custom form fields, visit the Quick Start Guide to Create Custom Field Groups

Adding a deal is just the tip of the Pipeline iceberg! It is the first step to giving you a clear picture of your sales pipelines. The customization of new deals allows you to create a deal form that will work for exactly what your company needs. The sooner you get to adding deals the closer you are to closing them!

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