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Maria Herrell
Updated 1 month ago

To view all of the files that have been uploaded to your account (that you have permission to see), click on the  Files option on the header at the top of the screen. Here, you’ll get a list view of files uploaded on Company, Deal, and Person profile pages, files attached to emails tracked in Pipeline, and any shared files in the account. Sort and filter for files by clicking on column headers—you can filter by the person who uploaded the file; the company, deal, or person the file is associated with, the date the file was uploaded, and more. 

Admins can also upload shared files that are visible to everyone in the account in Account Settings under Shared Files. On the files page, users can filter for shared files by clicking on the Shared column header and selecting 'Yes.'

You can also create, save, and share custom list views with your team that filter your list of documents as needed.

To download a file, click on its name. (Certain files, like images, will display in the browser first and can be downloaded from there.)

To delete files, click the checkboxes on the left side of the table, then Delete.

NOTE: At this time we do not have a download-all feature. If you are interested in downloading all files in your account, please contact customercare@pipelinecrm.com. 

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