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Deal Profile Overview

Maria Herrell
Updated 10 months ago

A Deal profile page is a dynamic dashboard of the most recent information about a deal in Pipeline. From this page, you can edit information about your deal, record activities, and add people associated with the deal. Additional information on what you will find on a deal profile page is detailed below:

  • Amount - the total value of this deal. 

  • Expected Close/Actual Close - the date when you expect to win the deal or when the deal was closed. 

  • Age - number of days since the creation date for this deal. 

  • Company - the company that this deal is associated with. 

  • Owner - the name of the user who owns this deal.

  • Status - a color status that describes the health of the deal.

  • Source - describes the source that led to the deal's creation. Helpful for tracking ROI.

  • Stage - the stage of the deal in your sales process. 

  • Probability - the % associated with the deal stage or likelihood of deal closure. 

  • Summary - description of the deal.

Gain insight on lost deals by selecting a  Loss Reason which can be used to report on in the Reports tab.

  • Loss Reason- This is a drop-down list of why a deal may be lost. An admin can customize the reasons in Account Settings > Deal Stages.
  • Loss Reason Notes- this is an area for free-form notes to summarize the loss reasons

  • Activities - a summary of an action that a user has taken with a deal. Record emails, phone calls, voicemails, proposals, meetings, etc. in the activity area and record by activity category. Also, you or a user who the deal is shared with can comment on activities with this deal. 
    • Filter by category - Filter your activities by category (Email, call, meeting, etc.). An applied filter will remain on all record-level profiles until removed.
    • Custom Fields - the additional information about deals in your account. For example product, service, etc. Custom Fields are created by admins.

  • Files - upload and view files associated with the deal. Any email file attachments associated with the deal will file in this section automatically.

  • People  - people associated with the deal. The primary contact, indicated by the word primary, will display by default. Click the "trashcan" symbol next to a person's name to remove them from a deal. 

  • Social Media - link to a contactโ€™s Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook page underneath their contact info. If you are linked to a person, click on the corresponding social media icon to view their page.

  • Agenda  - view and add a task or event from the deal profile page. You can also add task or event templates from this view to automate your workflow.  

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