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Uplead Integration

Maria Herrell
Updated 5 months ago

About UpLead

UpLead generates clean lists that you can push straight to Pipeline CRM. Prioritize ready-to-buy prospects actively looking for your solution. UpLead provides instant access to millions of accurate business contacts with real time verified emails that you can use to close a deal

Use case

For any Company and person record created in Pipeline, you can enrich the record using UpLead and access additional information for closing the deal. 

Integration setup 

Pipeline Admins can navigate to App Store, find UpLead integration, click "install"

Navigate to "Uplead API"

On your UpLead dashboard, navigate to your profile settings  by clicking on ">" icon located at the bottom left

In profile scroll down to API KEYS section and Click on reveal API key. If No API key is available please click on "generate new API key"

Copy and paste this API key in the UpLead configuration Pipeline CRM  

Click on "Test Connection" to verify if the API key is working and then click on "Save"

In the settings section you can map the data from UpLeads to Pipeline fields. Some fields will be mapped by default. You may choose to create custom fields and map the respective custom fields to UpLead fields. 

You can choose to enrich:

  • Person fields 
  • Company fields 
  • or both 

Moreover you have the configuration to override any existing data for person and company fields. For example if have mapped UpLead's LinkedIn URL to Pipeline's LinkedIn URL, and you have stored the person's LinkedIn URL, the enriched data from UpLead will remove your inputted URL and update it with UpLead's data

Finally, after the configuration setup is complete please click on "back to App Store" and enable the integration.  

Please note that once the integration is enabled, we do NOT update all your company and person records. Only the person or company records created or updated after enabling the UpLead integration will be updated. 

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