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Pipeline does not have a custom dialer for JustCall. However, JustCall provides a click-to-dial a browser plugin for Chrome here.

When Pipeline displays a phone number, we use the standard link for telephone numbers, and browsers recognize those numbers, and open the telephony software you have registered to perform the dialing and connect the call.

Call Logging

When you install and configure Pipeline's JustCall Integration, activities will be logged on people or companies when phone calls are made and received:

  • Completed calls (incoming and outgoing)
  • Missed (unanswered) calls (incoming and outgoing)
  • Voice messages (incoming)

In addition, if a voice message is left (for incoming calls), the activity will include the audio file (if available) for the message left.

If your JustCall account has call recording enabled, then after calls are completed, the recording will also be added to the activity.

<not sure about call transcripts>

Configuring the JustCall Integration

You can configure an activity category to be used when the integration logs your calls. Because there are different categories of calls, you can set a different category for each one (if desired) or you can use a single "Phone Call" category for all of them. The categories of calls include the following <show screen shot instead?>:

  • Completed incoming calls
  • Completed outgoing calls
  • Missed incoming calls
  • Missed outgoing calls
  • Voice message (incoming)
  • Voice message left (outgoing) <uncertain if RC detects this at all>

In addition to configuring what activity categories should be used, you must also provide authentication so that Pipeline can access the JustCall API. To do this <fill in details and show screen shot or gif>...

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