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Activity Scoreboard

Maria Herrell
Updated 1 year ago

The Activity Scoreboard, located under the Reports tab, is your go-to report to track activities added in your account. This simple and powerful report will help you answer questions like:

  • How many activities did my team create last month and how much business did we close?
  • Did we make more cold calls this month or last month?
  • Is our new employee picking up steam and contributing more?
  • Which activities are resulting in more won deals?

You can choose the columns you want to see by clicking Add/Remove Columns. Activity totals are displayed at the bottom of the table.

The custom date range selector makes it easy to compare performance over time. Clicking column headers allows you to filter for certain users and sort columns to see who's logging the most activities. You can also create, save, and share custom list views with your team, and export reports to a CSV file. 

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