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Google: Contact & Calendar Sync Overview

Maria Herrell
Updated 3 months ago

If you use Google to manage your contacts and calendar, you'll be happy to know that Pipeline offers bi-directional sync with Google Workspace! This means that any changes you make in either Pipeline or Google will be automatically updated in the other app.

To set up the sync, you'll need to enable the Google Apps integration in Pipeline. Once you've done that, Pipeline will create a new contact folder in Google called "Pipeline Contacts". All of your Pipeline contacts will be synced to this folder, and any changes you make to them will be automatically updated in Google Contacts.

The same goes for your calendar. Pipeline will sync with your Google Calendar, so any events you create in Pipeline will be added to your Google Calendar, and vice versa. You'll never have to worry about double-booking yourself or missing an appointment again!

It's important to note that the sync is bidirectional, which means that any changes you make in Google Contacts or Calendar will be synced to Pipeline, and any changes you make in Pipeline will be synced to Google. So, if you add a new contact in Google Contacts, it'll automatically appear in your Pipeline contact list too!

To ensure that the sync is working properly, we recommend testing it out with a few contacts or calendar events before fully integrating it into your workflow. And as always, if you have any questions or issues, our support team is here to help!

NOTE: Tasks are not synced between Pipeline and Google and can only sync one email domain

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