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Google: Using the Contact & Calendar Sync

Maria Herrell
Updated 2 weeks ago

Pipeline has an integration with Google Workspace to sync your contacts and calendar. You can read details about Google Workspace here. Admins can enable the Google Contact & Calendar add-on in account settings for any user on the account. Once enabled a Pipeline contact Group will be created in the user's Google account. The user can select a calendar to sync with Pipeline from the Google Sync page found in My Profile.

Step 1

Enable the integration

You must be logged into Google Workspace as an admin, with a corresponding Pipeline admin user with the same email. If you do not yet have a Pipeline account, your new account must have a user with the email you use for your Google Apps admin.

If there is more than one user on your Pipeline account then be sure to select Domain Install to allow access to all user's calendars.

Setting up a new Pipeline account

If you have a Google Workspace for Domains account, but you do not yet have a Pipeline account, you can open  Pipeline listing on Google Apps Marketplace, and click Add it Now.

NOTE: You must log in as an administrator of your Google Apps account to set up sync with Pipeline

Setting up an existing Pipeline account

You must be an admin on Pipeline and an account admin in Google Workspace to initiate the Google Contact and Calendar Sync. You can access the Pipeline app for download in the Google Marketplace by following this link or by navigating to the Integrations page in your Pipeline account. Navigate to the Integrations page in Pipeline by clicking on the profile icon in the upper right corner > Account Settings Integrations > Google Apps

Step 2

Admin Management

Once you've added Pipeline to your Google Apps account and permissions have been approved by an administrator, you can now return to the Google Apps Admin page in Pipeline to manage the Google Users who will have permission to use Google Sync.

To make sure everything's working smoothly, we suggest testing out the sync on one or two users after you've set it up. This will help you see if things are going as expected.

How can I adjust my sync settings?

If your admin has given you access to Google Sync, you can adjust your sync settings in just a few easy steps. 

  1. Click on your profile icon in the top right corner of your screen. 
  2. Select "My Profile" 
  3. In the Integrations section of the left navigation bar, select Google Sync
  4. Here, you can choose whether to sync your contacts and/or calendar, as well as which Google Calendar to sync with

What contacts will be synced and who owns them?

When you enable the sync, a new Google Contact Group called "Pipeline" will be created. Only contacts added to this group will be synced between accounts. You own the contacts in your Pipeline group, but keep in mind that if you re-assign a contact to someone else, it will be removed from your Pipeline group but will still exist in Google. The contact will then appear in the Pipeline group of the person you re-assigned it to.

How does Pipeline update my Google account?

Pipeline automatically updates your Google account when you make changes in Pipeline. This includes adding new records, updating existing ones, and deleting records. To see these changes in your Google contacts or calendar, you may need to refresh or reload the page.

Changes made in Google will automatically be visible in Pipeline for Calendar entries, and Contacts will update every hour. Just remember that the first time you sync from Google, all your contacts and calendar events will be synced to Pipeline. Subsequent syncs will only pull changes made since the last sync. 


How do recurring events work?
Recurring events are currently not supported.

How do I enable or disable Google sync as an admin? As a user?
If you are an admin and you want to enable/disable access to syncing across the account, click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and select Account Settings > Integrations > Google Apps where you can enable or disable access to the Contact and Calendar sync.

As a user, you can enable/disable Google sync by navigating to the Google Sync section. Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select My Profile > Google Sync.

I installed the integration but it's still going to the Google Workspace Marketplace when I go to My Profile -> Google Sync.
This can occur when you skip a configuration step when initially installing the integration. Please go to the following URL and replace the text after "domain=" with your company's domain: https://google.pipelinedeals.com/google/setup?domain=COMPANY.com

Do you have any recommendations for using the sync?
It is recommended that you start by setting up to sync only one or two users, and sync additional users after you have verified that things work the way you expect.

Will syncing delete my contacts?
Enabling Google Sync will not delete your contacts. The sync is bidirectional and controlled by the user. Changes you make in your Pipeline or Google accounts will impact each other. Additions, updates, and deletions to your Google contacts will be synced to Pipeline and vice versa. If you delete a user in Pipeline, they will remain in Google and will only be removed from the Pipeline contact group.

Can I sync my personal Gmail account with Pipeline?
No. Pipeline Calendar and Contact sync is only available for Google Apps for Work accounts.

I'm making Company name changes in Pipeline that don't seem to stick or transfer to Google Contacts, what's going on?
This usually occurs when a duplicate company is made because contact in Google has a slightly different company name than how it appears in Pipeline. For example, let's say you have "Acme Corp" in Pipeline, and you sync your contacts with Google. Bob Smith, whose company is listed as "Acme Corporation", would generate a second company called "Acme Corporation". Merging these companies in Pipeline will not affect Bob's company name in Google, because Google does not recognize our merges. So the next time your contacts sync, it will look like these companies have un-merged. Make sure to keep your data consistent across Google and Pipeline to prevent issues such as this. Our general recommendation is that for any changes you wish to make to a company name, do so in Google first before doing it in Pipeline.

If I delete an event in Google will that remove it from my Pipeline calendar and vice versa?
 Yes, that is correct. If you delete a calendar item from either Google or Pipeline, those changes will be reflected in both locations.

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