Email Sync Setup

The Pipeline email sync supports Gmail and Microsoft Exchange (including Outlook, Office 365,, and ActiveSync) email accounts.

Microsoft-hosted Exchange, Office365, and email domains only. Email automation is not supported for on-premises or otherwise self-hosted Exchange servers.

Sign in to Pipeline and in either the Home or Email tabs click  Sync my email. Select your email provider, Google or Microsoft Exchange. Your email must match the email you use to log in to your Pipeline account and you cannot use an alias. 

Next, you'll be asked by your email service provider to approve the connection. You will be prompted to log in to your email.


Approve the connection

Microsoft Exchange

You may be asked to use your Exchange username and server under Advanced Settings

Sign_in_to_your_email.pngIf your exchange username is different than your email address, you should enter it in the advanced settings form. This can be of the format or  DOMAIN\username.  

For the  Exchange Server you should enter the address of your Exchange server, like You can see this in the address bar when logging in to the Outlook Web App.

If you have two-factor authentication enabled, you'll need to generate an app password using Microsoft's instructions to place in the Password field box.

The Email sync may support IMAP configurations for cloud-based emails as well, such as those hosted by GoDaddy and other cloud-based domains on an Exchange server. You will need to use your Outlook365 server settings to configure the sync using IMAP. Common Providers Authentication Settings.


Sync established

Once this sync completes the past 30 days of emails to and from your contacts in Pipeline will automatically import and associate with the contact (based on email address). This historical sync can take some time, and so while that is being completed, you'll see the message below:

Supported Exchange settings

Suggested settings information for the Microsoft Exchange Administrator: Office 365 admin settings


If you're selecting Microsoft Exchange but a Google login modal opens, follow this workaround to force Microsoft login: Login with Microsoft Exchange

Your Exchange account must have ActiveSync Autodiscovery enabled: Testing Exchange Autodiscovery

If you run into Error: Exchange error 129 you'll need to work with the admin of your Exchange account to properly configure device settings: Checking for quarantined EAS devices

If you're unable to authenticate, please see this article to ensure proper server and account configuration setup: Common Authentication Issues

Google sender rate limits explained: Email sending limits