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Email Inbox

Maria Herrell
Updated 2 months ago

With any Pipeline subscription, you can handle all of your email correspondence in one place and streamline your sales workflow. No more switching back and forth between your email client and Pipeline, or using special BCC tricks to get email replies into the system.

  • Access your entire email inbox
  • Automatically log complete conversations on profile pages
  • Create new contacts with a click
  • Compose, read, reply to, and forward messages, formatted how you like, with or without attachments
  • Archive less important messages
  • Ignore senders to keep distractions at a minimum

You will also have access to email insights, which shows you the deals and upcoming tasks for each contact, right in the Inbox and alongside email messages.

The Email sync works with Gmail and cloud-based Microsoft Exchange email, changes are synchronized — actions you take in the Email are reflected in your other inbox, and vice-versa.

Access Your Inbox

Once you permit Pipeline to access your email account, the messages currently in your inbox will populate your Pipeline Email inbox. When the Email Inbox finds an email from someone who's a contact in Pipeline, it will automatically log 30 days of conversations with that contact — emails you received as well as sent —  as Activities on the contact’s profile page. Future emails will be automatically logged as well.

After the initial sync, new emails will trigger in-app notifications so you can respond immediately, while you’re at the top of your contact’s mind. You can also forward messages or archive them; add the senders as contacts in Pipeline; or start new conversations.

Add New Contacts

If the sender is not a contact, add them to Pipeline right from the Connect Inbox or message reply screen. When the sender is added, previous emails to and from that sender will be logged as Activities on the contact's profile page.

Compose Messages

You can compose new messages from the Inbox, profile pages, and list views. 

If you wish to compose from the Inbox, click Compose email in the upper-right corner. Start typing the person's name or email address in the ‘To' field, and if the message is to a Pipeline contact, we’ll quickly match the address. Format your message, add links and attachments, and create a customized signature. 

If you’re emailing a contact, the sent email message will be added as an Activity on the recipient’s profile page. Place cc@pipelinecrm.com in the BCC field to easily add the recipient as a contact!

Your email will be sent from the name and email address set as the primary email in My Profile.

Archive & Ignore Senders

When you archive a message in the Email Inbox it’ll be archived in your mail client, and vice-versa. Marking messages as 'read' works the same way. When a message is archived or deleted in your regular email client it will be removed from the Email Inbox.

NOTE: The Activity will not be deleted if the email has already been filed as an activity on the record.

Ignoring a sender will archive all of the sender’s emails in the Inbox and block future emails from that sender from appearing in your Pipeline Inbox. This includes any future emails listing that email address in the To, From, CC, and BCC portions of the email. 

No changes will be made to your regular email inbox - you'll still be able to receive an email from the sender, but it won't be brought into Pipeline any longer. This is especially handy for clearing the inbox clutter of personal emails, office chatter, and other emails that aren't directly relevant to your sales pipeline.


Deal Insights

If you receive an email from someone associated with multiple deals, which deal does the email get associated with? This feature is designed to allow users to update the deal association of inbound emails if the sender is attached to multiple deals. Click the downward arrow to select which deal the email should file under. Check it out:

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