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January 2022

Maria Herrell
Updated 2 years ago

Desktop Version

  • Our “de-duplication” feature allows you to find and act upon duplicate people records within your account based on the “work email address” field. The system will identify the duplicates and provide you the option to either merge or delete unwanted records. Learn more.
  • You are now able to clone your automations. This is helpful if you want to keep the same automation but just make a few adjustments, like which record owner will trigger the automation. Cloning your automations is easy, simply click the box icon next to the delete button. Learn more.
  • Rearrange and hide unwanted sections of the dashboard and profile pages that are not applicable to you and remove clutter. On the dashboard click "Edit Layout" in the upper right corner or click "Actions" on any profile page and select edit layout from the dropdown. From the editing page, you can hide and rearrange the sections to achieve your desired layout. Learn more

Mobile Version

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