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Removing Duplicates

Maria Herrell
Updated 5 months ago

Our “de-duplication” feature allows you to find and act upon duplicate People and Company records within your account based on the field that you select. The system will identify the duplicates and provide you the option to either merge or delete unwanted records. 

1. To begin searching your account for duplicates you will go to your People tab and open up one of your lists.

2. Click on “List Options” and select “Check List for Duplicates” from the dropdown menu.

3. You will then be prompted to name the duplicate check and to select the field that you would like to use to check for duplicates.

4. The system will then scan your list for duplicate records and bring you to a new page that provides a complete list of your duplicates. The duplicates will be separated into groups to make it easier to identify how many duplicates there are for each email address. 

5. You will now have the option to delete unwanted duplicates or select records to merge together. 

To merge duplicates, pick two records at a time. If you have many records with the same email, you'll need to merge them in pairs. Select the records you want to merge, then a window will appear. From there, choose which one to keep and which one to delete. This window works the same as merging records from profiles.

Click here to read more about how merging works.

Things To Note

  • If your list is larger than 50,000 records you will need to apply filters to get that number below 50,000 before we can check that list for duplicates.
  • Checking for duplicates is only available for Company and People records.
  • Only users that have permission to merge records will be able to view this feature. Admin and Executive users have merging capabilities by default and admins can enable or revoke this permission for basic users via the edit user modal in the account settings.
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