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Merge People

Maria Herrell
Updated 11 months ago

If there are multiple records of the same person in your account, each with data you want to preserve to a single record, users with merge permissions can merge the duplicate person profile records.

Steps to Merge People

  1. Navigate first to the most complete profile to preserve the most data. The duplicate record will be merged into this one.
  2. On the person's profile page that you want to maintain, click the Actions button > MergeMay_Flowers___Pipeline.png
  3. Search for the duplicate record. Click on their name in the drop-down to select them.

  4. Finalize the merge. The record going away will be on the left and the record that will remain will be on the right. Be sure to validate what you are doing as there is no un-merge. Merging is forever.

  5. Click the Merge button at the bottom of the page to complete the merge. You can also cancel by clicking the X in the upper right-hand corner at the top of the pop-up, or by clicking Cancel.

The new record will have a complete history of both including all the Activities, Tasks, Events, Deals, and Files from the record that was merged. 

Merging two records sounds very easy at first, but the actual process is fairly complex. Below are ground rules to further explain the people merger process:

  1. The going away record will be merged into the here to stay record.
  2. People records with multiple email addresses will first populate work, then home, then other on the here to stay record. After three email addresses, each additional email address will then be appended in an Activity. The same goes for phone numbers.
  3. Any data that would be merged into an already populated position such as phone, email, other addresses, custom fields will be appended as an Activity to the remaining record for safekeeping.
  4. All files, tasks, events, activities, and deals will be transferred to the here to stay record.

NOTES: Merges cannot be undone. Admins can enable the "Can merge records" permission for individual users within the Edit User modal on the Users page in Account Settings.

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