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Creating Email Templates

Maria Herrell
Updated 3 months ago

Increase productivity and efficiency with saved email templates in the Email sync. Create, manage, and share email templates with other users on the account to streamline your team's workflow.

Create a New Template

If you’ve written an email you’d like to save as a template for future emails, before sending your email click Save as a new templateOnce you create a template, you can use it whenever you send an individual or mass email by clicking Insert template in the email composition window. This will bring up a dropdown menu that will allow you to choose your template.

To create a new template, go to the Templates tab and click Create a new template in the upper right corner and the following window will appear. The title you give the template will display in your list of templates, but will not be visible to the email recipients.

Merge tags

Insert Merge Tags to personalize the email with the recipient’s first name, last name, work email, and company name into your template. The Signature merge tag can be used to insert whatever your current signature is set to in the template. 

You can also use any custom field as a merge tag — except for single and multiple association fields. Admins can configure custom fields in account settings, here.

If an email recipient does not have a value for a given merge tag used in a template, you can supply a fallback value to be used instead. Simply enter your desired fallback text after "fallback=", shown below:


Create, edit, copy, or delete your templates in the Templates folder under the Email tab. Create filtered lists to sort and filter templates by name, creator, date created, and whether or not it’s shared. Once a template is saved, it can be chosen when you compose an individual or mass email.

You can choose whether a template is for personal use or shared among other users by choosing Personal or Shared at the top of the composition window. Shared templates are visible to all other users on your account to standardize messaging across your team. 

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