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Bulk Actions

Joss Rodriguez
Written 2 weeks ago

Great news! We have introduced a new feature that allows you to perform bulk updates on System Fields through our Bulk Actions feature. This option is now available for all three record types: Deals, Companies, and People, and can be accessed in all Account Plans.

You now have the capability to update your system fields in bulk, similar to how you can modify deal statuses, person tags, or change ownership of records. This feature enables you to make significant changes to your system field data without the need for manual updates or running an update-by-import process.

To perform bulk updates on your system fields, you should begin by navigating to the list view of the record type you wish to update. It's important to note that the system field bulk update is supported only for the specific record type you are currently viewing. In other words, if you are in a Deals list view, you will be able to bulk update Deal system fields.

Once you've located the desired record type, you can select all the records you want to update and then click on "Bulk Update" at the top of your list view. This feature streamlines the process of managing and updating your system fields.

When you click "Bulk Update," a modal will appear, displaying all the system and custom fields currently present on your list. From this modal, you can select the system field that you wish to update. This streamlined interface makes it easy to choose the specific field you want to work with.

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