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Using AI Email Assistant

Joss Rodriguez
Written 2 weeks ago

You can quickly generate engaging emails using the AI Email Assistant, powered by OpenAI. It is available for all users and situated at the bottom of the email editor. Depending on your plan and if you have synced your email, the AI Email Assistant is available at:

  • [Email Synced users only] For an individual response via email inbox
  • [Email Synced users only] Bulk Email composer
  • Email Campaign, setup Campaign steps 
  • Email Template

Using the AI assistant is super easy. You can select from the default prompt or input your own custom prompt. 

Now the AI will generate the email content. At this stage, no email will be sent and you can choose to perform the following actions:

  • Approve - Generated content will now be available in the Email Editor so that you can edit the content before sending out the email
  • In case you are not happy with the response, you may ask the Assistant to Rewrite. You may edit the prompt to specify the specific changes. 
  • You may also copy or delete the response generated by the AI

While editing the generated content, you can highlight a part of the email, and ask AI for any relevant edits

Here is a quick workflow:

Please note that we do  not use any confidential information for generating the content, including previous emails, company or deal information. 

The following monthly limits apply per user depending on the plan:

  • Grow- 100 free prompts per user per month
  • Develop- 50 free prompts per user per month
  • Start- 25 free prompts per user per month

The prompt usage is available under the AI Email Assistant- which represents how many prompts you have used and the limit. In the case below the user has 100 prompt limit and used 51 prompts. 

The unused prompts will not be rolled over to the next month

The API status of the ChatGPT can be found here

Request any improvements here

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