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Prepare Your CSV or Excel File: Deals

Maria Herrell
Updated 3 months ago

Here's what you need to know about formatting your list of deals. To download an example CSV for deals, click here.

Column Headers

All files need to have column headers in the first row. Your headers do not need to match the names of fields in Pipeline exactly, but they should be descriptive enough to use for your own reference.

column headersSystem and custom fields

To see what default fields are available for companies in Pipeline, view the list here.

If you have data that doesn't fit into one of the default fields, you will need to create custom fields before importing your data.

Associating to companies

To associate deals to companies, include a column for the company name and make sure the name matches what exists in Pipeline exactly. 

Associating to People

To associate deals to people, you'll include a column for one of the following:

  • Person Full Name
  • Person Email
  • Person ID

The Person Full Name must be unique. 

The Person ID can be found by exporting people records from Pipeline, or by copying the number at the end of the URL of the person profile page. 

In the mapping step of the import, map this column to 'Person (Full name, email, ID)'. Please note that you can associate more than one person to a deal. The first person that you associate to the deal will be the primary contact.

select person full name

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