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Prepare Your CSV or Excel file: Companies

Maria Herrell
Updated 3 months ago

How to prepare and format your list of companies before you import. To download an example CSV for companies, click here.

Column headers

All files need to have column headers in the first row. Your headers do not need to match the names of fields in Pipeline exactly, but they should be descriptive enough to use for your own reference.

column headers

System and custom fields

To see what default fields are available for companies in Pipeline, view the list here.

If you have data that doesn't fit into one of the default fields, you will need to create custom fields before importing your data.

Duplicate checking

Companies in Pipeline must have a unique name. If you have companies with the same name, we suggest using a naming convention to make the company names unique. 

For example, let's say you have two Starbucks locations you want to add to your account. You could differentiate them by adding the street address to the location's name:

  • Starbucks - 1912 Pike Pl
  • Starbucks - 102 Pike St

If you try to import two companies with the same name, only the first company will be imported. The second company will be considered an invalid entry and will not be imported. Similarly, you will not be able to import any companies that have the same name as companies that already exist in your account. You will be notified of the invalid entires by email when the import is complete. 

click on the link to generate a spreadsheet

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