Setting My Default Mail Client

Pipeline works with your email client and web browser to help you keep in touch with your contacts and track your correspondence. Learn more from the knowledge base article How Pipeline Works with Email.

To optimize your experience with email links, configure your Pipeline profile to indicate whether you use a web-based email client like Gmail or Yahoo, or a desktop-based email client like Outlook or Mac Mail.

Web Email Client

For web-based email services like Gmail or Yahoo, Pipeline automatically configures user profiles to open a new tab in your browser when you click on email links in the app. This will open a new compose message box in a new tab. Insert your contact’s email address in the TO field and insert Pipeline email tracking address in the BCC field:

If you are switching from a desktop-based email client to a web-based email service, you can change the settings in your account by clicking on either your initials or avatar in the top right, My Profile > Email then select Web Email Client > Save changes.

Desktop Email Client

If you use Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, or some other desktop-based email client, change the profile settings in your account to indicate that you are using a desktop email client. Changing your settings will ensure that a new tab will not be opened in your browser each time you click on an email link in Pipeline.

You can change the settings in your account by clicking on your initials or avatar in the top right, selecting My Profile > Email then select Desktop Email Client > Save changes.