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Manage my priority deals

Maria Herrell
Updated 3 months ago

Prioritizing deals is vital to managing your sales pipeline. How you prioritize is up to you but with Pipeline it is easy to filter and sort deals based on whatever the most important aspects are to your business. You can then save, star and share list with the whole team so that everyone is on the same page.

Filtering by the close date

One of the most common ways to prioritize deals is by the expected close date. When a deal is expected to close soon, it may need extra attention from the sales team. A list of deals expected to close this month is a great way to create an agenda and prioritize your time. In the below example, we'll create a list of deals expected to close this month, sort it by date, and then save it.


Filtering by deal amount

If you want to focus on the biggest deals in your sales pipeline, you can create a list that filters by deal amount. Our list views allow you to filter and sort by multiple categories so that you can create very specific lists. In the below example, we'll create a list of deals between $50,000 and $100,000 that also have a green status. We'll then save this list for future reference.


Starring saved lists

Creating and saving lists is a great way to prioritize specific types of deals, but sometimes you need added visibility. Starring lists add another level of importance and provide even more visibility throughout the app. A starred list will appear on your home dashboard as well as in the Morning Coffee Report, our daily email digest. Starring lists is very easy and has a huge impact.


Pro-tip: To learn more about starred lists visit the Starred Lists article.

Sharing saved lists

Teams function best when they are all working with the same information. With Pipeline, Users can share lists with each other. So whether you’re wanting to share a list with the entire company or a single user, all lists can be easily shared.


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