Send an email campaign

An email campaign is an email sent to a group of People that can be tracked and measured via opens and clicks. They help you gauge interest amongst your prospects -- allowing you filtering out those who are engaged with your proposals. When done right, email campaigns fast-track sales conversations, demos, and ultimately closes. You will spend less time figuring out who might be interested in your solution and more time closing those who definitely are.

1. Define your audience

In the People or Deals list view, you can build your campaign recipient list by filtering on the defining characteristics (fields) of your audience -- such as location, job title, tag, status or even a custom field. *Note - emails will be sent to the email address entered into the system field for Work Email for the selected recipients

From there, select all records on the list, click ‘Send Campaign’ and name it something memorable.

2. Create the email campaign

Select records

Once you have a filtered list of the People you’d like to send the campaign to, select all the records on the list. You can then select the “Send campaign” bulk action at the top of the table.

Enter campaign information

You can now start building your campaign. First, you’ll need to provide a Campaign Name -- you’ll refer to this name when keeping track of the campaign results after it’s sent.

Create email message

Next, you’ll do the basic email stuff -- creating a subject line and email content.

Some pro tips:

  • Use a template -- they save you time from having to rebuild the same content over and over again, and they also make your email performance metrics more meaningful.
  • Use merge tags -- take your campaigns to the next level and personalize the content with the recipient’s name, company, etc.
  • Send yourself a test of the email to make sure everything is in order before officially sending it off.


Send it!

You can choose to send the email immediately or schedule a specific time in the future. (We suggest before lunch for best open rates.)

3. Track the campaign’s results

Once you’ve sent your campaign, check out its performance in the Campaigns list view. Here you can see how many people have opened the email and clicked on any links / attachments.


With these campaign results, you have separated the warm leads from the cold. As opposed to calling each of the nine recipients in a row, you can now start with the three who opened your message. They may even close faster now that you know they like what you’re selling. Good luck!